Steve Steinman’s epic new original rock musical Vampires Rock Eternal Love embarks on a new beginning and a nationwide tour before its London Debut.  
Starring Steve Steinman as the charismatic Baron Von Rockula, with a full cast of amazing singers, dancers and musicians this truly is a night for theatre and rock fans alike. 
With over twenty original songs from Steve Steinman’s two No. 1 albums and six No. 1 singles, this rock musical is like no other. With the overall feel of a big budget West End show, this is a sure-fire hit!  
The story began over two hundred years ago, where the villagers chased the Baron and his motley crew of vampires out of their beloved home and castle Club Live And Let Die. They fled across land and sea to make their home in an old, abandoned ghost train ride where they took refuge, causing havoc amongst the locals and feeding on the poor innocents who stumbled into their domain. After many years pass, the Baron decides to return to his homeland, reclaim his castle and search for his long-lost love Pandora, who was left for dead in the great fire and always at the Baron’s side is Bosley; his butler and confidante who serves him with hilarious consequences at times, still heartbroken the Baron must rise again like a phoenix from the ashes and attract unsuspecting new victims to feed his desire for blood.